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Chrome paint CHPC(short for chrome paint C) is economical , practical, non-toxic and it brings a splendid chrome finish that imitates the closest appearance of chrome plating.

    To watch spraying video, please click here: and

and golden chrome method video:

General 3 steps of spraying:

Important Tip: heat each layer with a fire gun before spraying the next layer, heat base coat before chrome paint spraying, heat chrome paint layer before clear coat spraying, thus, the adhesion and glossy will be perfect !


Spray with a spray gun or an airbrush only (small nozzle size can be from 0.5mm to 1.2mm). No special equipment is needed; a simple spray gun and an air compressor are enough. On condition of respecting the instructions closely, anyone can use chrome paint C successfully, this paint has to be applied in a specific manner. A few tests are needed to understand and to master some principles. Thus we recommend users to read this article carefully, and make some tests first. Our team is at your disposal for any further help or technical advice.



It’s the most delicate and most important condition for Chrome C painting: a high glossy base paint must be applied first, no need to be only black, it can be any color as long as it is high glossy. For this you can use polyurethane black lacquer with hardener. (Any glass-like sheen surface can be used, a black background cleared with automotive topcoat, or any kind of black support, hard and glossy like, for example plastic…) Note: the quality of the chrome finish depends on its glossiness, its dry time and the hardness of the basecoat. A long drying will allow a complete hardening and the evaporation of all solvents.



This is an optional step. Top coating is not mandatory and intended only for pieces that are subject to abrasion and to outdoors conditions such as rain. For objects meant indoors, non subject to repeated friction and contacts, we don’t recommend to topcoat: without clear coat, the mirror chrome effect is the best.


Cars, bikes, rims, headlights, design, sculpture, pipes... Different material types can be painted: metal, aluminum, plastics, wood, polycarbonate, as long as the material has been prepared prior to applying  the basecoat.


Solvent- based paint ready to use.

In all cases: Good resistance to high temperature and UV. No yellowing of the paint.

Without topcoat: You will achieve a 100% chrome effect, no peeling, but sensitivity to abrasion. Recommended for suspended objects/sculptures or kept in closed places

With topcoat: The mirror-like effect will be a bit dull. Perfect resistance to bad weather conditions, heat, UV, abrasion. Not guaranteed to adhere: avoid shocks with sharp objects, or removal of stickers



Chrome can display gorgeous "candy" colors. It's easily obtained by adding our candy paint in the clear coat



TOOLS: a conventional spray gun, airbrush (nozzle 0.5--1.2 mm)

COVERAGE: 1L / >30 square meters


UNDERCOAT: Glossy black paint (Polyurethane, direct shiny surface or black topcoated). Let dry compleletly,  ithis is essential, because if it is not dry enough, the mirror effect will not good after spraying the chrome paint C. Do not sand the base coat.  Simply dust with a dry and soft cloth. The more glossy base coat made, the better of the chrome. CHROME PAINT: Shake well before use. Spray very thin passes with a spray gun with small nozzle size (0.5~1.0mm) and a low pressure (2 bars), reducing the paint flow at the maximum (press slightly on the trigger) and by letting the air escape, until you reach maximum chrome effect. Allow a few seconds between each pass to let dry, and observe the formation of the chrome during evaporation. Make the coats not too thick but also not too dry. Between each dry pass, the surface can be polished with a piece of cotton cloth to remove any dust or flecks, along with wiping, mirror chrome comes out gradually. For big area of objects, spraying and wiping needs several people to cooperate together, as the wiping needs to be in time, otherwise the paint surface cannot be wiped if it will be dry totally.


Chrome paint dries immediately, but it's advised to let stand to dry enough The longer it dries , the more the chrome becomes harder and more resistant, which will allow an easier top coating if you choose to spray.


Top coating requires a special technique: 1. if spray solvent topcoat, we recommend to keep the gun further than usual distance,  dusting from 30cm area or further, and  move the gun quickly. Users can repeat this dusting for 2 to 3 times to get good topcoat covering, don't spray too much paint at one time, dusting gently with thin layer, each time wait 30 minutes. make sure the painted object edges are coated with topcoat well to avoid peeling in future. 2. if spray high glossy clear water base coat, it will be easier, since chrome paint is strong in touching with water without losing mirror effect, but users must choose good water based topcoat, users need to judge and choose according to practical application. 


When sprayed over the inside of a hard, transparent and shiny surface, the chrome paint creates a mirror finish when viewed from the outside (glass, acrylic, polycarbonate, lexan)

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